Spiritual growth does not happen automatically.  Nor does it happen by accident. We must intentionally position ourselves for spiritual growth.

At Rock of Ages, our desire is to see everyone grow to spiritual maturity. Thus, we offer Bible Study and Small Growth Groups to help you build a stronger relationship with Christ and deepen your fellowship with others.  Bible Study and Small Growth Groups are close-knit gatherings that meet at church, in homes, and other locations.  Each class is held between 4 to 13 weeks during the Spring, Summer and Fall months each year.

We all need encouragement. We all need wise counsel. We all need a safe place to ask hard questions. We all need to hear one another’s testimonies. We all need to sharpen and BE sharpened. And Bible Study and Small Growth Groups are an outstanding opportunity to build that kind of fellowship with one another.

Click on the link below to see a complete list  of classes offered for 2019 below and make a decision to join us for Bible Study and Small Growth Group:

Bible Study & Small Group Growths 2019